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HSRLCE Studentship Awards

The Centre prioritizes the importance of training the next generation of research leaders. We support research and education on the prevention and cure of cardiovascular diseases with our trainee funding programs. These awards aim to enrich the productive research enterprise in Toronto and beyond. We expect these trainees to become the scientific leaders of tomorrow.


The Heart & Stroke/Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence in Cardiovascular Research (HSRLCE, the Centre) offers studentship awards ($15,000 each) to support the cardiovascular research community.
The Centre’s studentship awards are intended to support individuals in the initial phase of their training who wish to pursue a career in cardiovascular science. The objective of these awards is to support a robust and productive research community in Toronto. These awards are given to those who demonstrate the potential for excellence through their previous academic accomplishments and the environment in which they will work.

Past HSRLCE Studentship Recipients


Sadi Loai, Supervisor: Hai-Ling Margaret Cheng
Vyas Manav, Supervisor: Moira Kapral


Laura Aronoff, Supervisor: Slava Epelman
Andrew Rajkumar, Supervisor: Myron Cybulsky


Ramadan Azza, Supervisor: Subodh Verma
Henry Cheng, Supervisor: Jason Fish
Sarah Farr, Supervisor: Khosrow Adeli
Marsel Lino, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Eric Tawagi, Supervisor: Paul Santerre


Yuliya Lytvyn, Supervisor: David Cherney
Songyi Xu, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Jenna Usprech, Supervisor: Craig Simmons
Zhi Cui, Supervisor: Ren-Ke Li
Diana Buchsbaum, Supervisor: Anthony Gramolini


Mark Blaser, Supervisor: Craig Simmons
Jake Cosme, Supervisor: Anthony Gramolini
Idan Roifman, Supervisor: Jack Tu
Nimalan Thavandiran, Supervisor: Peter Zandstra
Yun Xiao, Supervisor: Milica Radisic
Xiaohong Xu, Supervisor: Heyu Ni


Michelle Bergevin, Supervisor: Craig Simmons
Anton Mihic, Supervisor: Ren-Ke Li
Alexandra Mighiu, Supervisor: Scott Heximer
Juarez Braga, Supervisor: Doug Lee
Winnie Fung, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Kathryn Lipsett, Supervisor: Anthony Gramolini


Safina Ali, Supervisor: Daniel Drucker
Petra Lucker, Supervisor: Peter Zandstra
Mark Roufaiel, Supervisor: Myron Cybulsky
Allan Siu, Supervisor: Myron Cybulsky
Bilge Yoruk, Supervisor: Ian Scott
Boyang Zhang, Supervisor: Milica Radisic


Sivani Paskaradevan, Supervisor: Ian Scott
Kaustabh Singh, Supervisor: Ren-Ke Li
Valentin Sotov, Supervisor: Michelle Letarte


Moniba Mirkhani, Supervisor: Peter Backx
Lewis Reis, Supervisor: Milica Radisic
Paul Turgeon, Supervisor: Phil Marsen
Songyi Xu, Supervisor: Avrum Gotlieb


Kaveesh Dissanayake, Supervisor: Scott Heximer
Melissa Noronha, Supervisor: Anthony Gramolini
Karanvir Wasal, Supervisor: Myron Cybulsky
Bilge Yoruk, Supervisor: Ian Scott
Forough Mohammad Zadeh, Supervisor: Tom Parker


Kiwon Ban, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain
Sonya Hui, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain
Sam Tirgari, Supervisor: Scott Heximer
Andrei Vagaon, Supervisor: Steffen-Sebastian Bolz


Joanne Arcand, Supervisor: Gary Newton
Shivalika Handa, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain
Han Kim, Supervisor: Peter Backx
Anton Mihic, Supervisor: Rob Tsushima
Kim Paulson
Timothy Ryan, Supervisor: Anthony Gramolini
Elissa Tepperman


Eser Adiguzel, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Nicole Anderson
Jo Anne Arcand, Supervisor: Gary Newton
Zobia Jawed
Han Kim, Supervisor: Peter Backx
Karolina Kolodziejska, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain
Rohit Sheshgiri
Cindy Yip


S Bunda, Supervisor: Aleksander Hinek
W. Chow, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Marc Chretien, Supervisor: Lowell Langille
C. Kim, Supervisor: Terrance Yau
A. Mori, Supervisor: Benoit Bruneau
Nazneen Tata, Supervisor: Michael Sole
S.-S. Zhang, Supervisor: Benoit Bruneau


Nazzareno D’Avanzo, Supervisor: Peter Backx
Shivalika Handa, Supervisor, Mansoor Husain
Jeff He, Supervisor: Michael Ward
Nazneen Tata, Supervisor: Michael Sole
Hiwot Woldu, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain


Mikin Patel, Supervisor: Peter Backx
Peter Sabatini, Supervisor: Lowell Langille
Renee Suen, supervisor: Duncan Stewart
Doyon Won, Supervisor: Myron Cybulsky


Eser Adiguzel, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Golnaz Karoubi, Supervisor: David Courtman
Renee Suen, Supervisor: Duncan Stewart
Ge Yang, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain


Nesime Askin, Supervisor: Carin Wittnich
Shathiya Kulandavelu, Supervisor: Lee Adamson
Carol Kolb, Supervisor: Lee Adamson
Renee Suen, Supervisor: Duncan Stewart

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