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UT Centre for Microvascular Medicine Munich (UTCM³)

The UTCM³ will integrate the smartest scientific, educational and technological solutions that will redefine microvascular medicine to significantly reduce the socio-economic burden of cardiovascular disease.

The UofT Centre for Microvascular Medicine Munich (UTCM³) is a forthcoming, international initiative between the Heart and Stroke Richard Lewar Centres of Excellence in Cardiovascular Research (HSRCLE) and the UofT Faculty of Medicine (FoM) that aims to provide global leadership in collaborative microvascular research and education. Located in one of Europe’s most advanced biotech clusters, the UTCM3 is being designed as a public-private partnership that will collaborate with leading public and private institutions and industry partners in Germany and Europe to provide faculty and graduate students with globally relevant research and training experience.

The UTCM³ and its European partners will pilot new paradigms in basic microvascular research, biomedical graduate and postdoctoral education, experimental platform engineering and innovation management. By partnering with the HSRLCE and St. Michael's Hospital’s Applied Health Research Centre (AHRC) to form the European node for their established global cardiovascular clinical trials network, these activities will span the entire biomedical continuum in microvascular medicine. In doing so, this exciting initiative will provide one of the most comprehensive approaches yet to bridge novel molecular concepts with new treatment strategies, commercial opportunities and innovative solutions for the personalization of microvascular medicine.