In our globalized world, the use of technology, communications and transportation has created new and dynamic opportunities for the free flow of talent, ideas, goods and services. The Centre is leveraging these resources by creating new platforms and programs that will draw international researchers, clinicians, healthcare providers, policymakers and educators together with the common goal of reducing cardiovascular disease, worldwide. Our international program pursues exciting research opportunities that address unmet scientific, medical and societal needs by advancing clinical trials, establishing new research centres and developing educational initiatives. Through this, we can strengthen its impact by accessing international funding, recruiting the brightest researchers and students and attracting new academic and industry partners.


Toronto’s comprehensive infrastructure for clinical research design and operations brings together over 100 researchers that manage local and international clinical trials. The established Pan-American Cardiovascular Drug Trial Network (USA, Canada and Brazil) will expand to Europe, with the establishment of the Centre for Microvascular Medicine Munich (CM ), and
Australia. With this growth, the International clinical trials collaborative network will serve a population base of over 1 billion people.


The Centre cultivates research strengths locally by partnering with 11 University of Toronto departments and hospital research centres in the heart of Toronto. In Germany, the CM will be a collaborative public-private partnership that will run a specialized microvascular research program that spans the entire biomedical continuum from basic research to developing new
experimental platforms and drug testing to human application.


In Toronto, the CSCP program brings together students and faculty from 15 collaborating UofT graduate departments and hospital research centres. In Munich, the CM will offer North-American and European students a UofT graduate degree with a specialised interdisciplinary biomedical curriculum and placements with industry partners.

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