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HSRLCE Studentship Awards

The Centre prioritizes the importance of training the next generation of research leaders. We support research and education on the prevention and cure of cardiovascular diseases with our trainee funding programs. These awards aim to enrich the productive research enterprise in Toronto and beyond. We expect these trainees to become the scientific leaders of tomorrow.

Next Application Deadline: April 27, 2018 – please see the tabs on the left-hand side of the page for details.


The Heart & Stroke/Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence in Cardiovascular Research (HSRLCE, the Centre) offers studentship awards to support the cardiovascular research community.
The Centre’s studentship awards are intended to support individuals in the initial phase of their training who wish to pursue a career in cardiovascular science. The objective of these awards is to support a robust and productive research community in Toronto. These awards are given to those who demonstrate the potential for excellence through their previous academic accomplishments and the environment in which they will work.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The program is open to both Canadian citizens and students from abroad who wish to undertake graduate training at the University of Toronto.
  2. Applicants must be primarily supervised by a Member of the Centre; supervisors must be Members at the time of application. Each application is considered a joint submission by the applicant and the proposed supervisor. The research plan should be written in full by the student in consultation and in agreement with the supervisor.
  3. Applicants to the studentship competition must be enrolled in a full time MSc or PhD degree program at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, School of Graduate Studies  at the time of commencement of funding. Documentation of enrollment will be required prior to the initiation of funding. The graduate degree program you are registered with via ROSI must be a Faculty of Medicine department/institute program.
    Note for IBBME students: To be eligible, IBBME graduate students must be registered on ROSI under Biomedical Engineering (BME). IBBME students registered on ROSI under Mechanical Industrial Engineering (MIE) are not eligible.
  4. The applicant’s research project must be primarily in the area of cardiovascular sciences. Relevance to cardiovascular science will be determined by the committee which evaluates all applications.
  5. Applicants should not have completed more than four years of their PhD studies at the time of application. If you have more than four years of doctoral education you are not eligible for this award.
  6. All applicants should apply for OGS and QEII-GSST awards. If the applicant is not eligible for one of these awards, a written statement should accompany the application.  (Applicants in their first year of study who were unable to apply for an OGS award can apply to the HSRLCE studentship but must provide a letter explaining the situation).
  7. If the applicant has, is awarded, or is offered an OGS, QEII-GSST or other major award, the student becomes ineligible for a HSRLCE award. They must accept the external award and forfeit the HSRLCE award.
  8. Limited funds may preclude the awarding of funding to all excellent applicants. The Centre reserves the right to limit the number of awards given to students of a single investigator to one per investigator.
  9. In the case of multiple applications in a single calendar year from the same laboratory, we request the principal investigator limit the number of applications per lab to two. The investigator must also rank the applicants from his or her laboratory to indicate priority for funding. These rankings will be used secondarily to the criteria of excellence.

Terms and Conditions of Awards

Duration of Support:

Awards will be made for a period of twelve consecutive months. There is no limit to the number of years that an applicant may compete for an HSRLCE studentship, but the individual must re-apply each year. It is expected that candidates will show good progress in their studies to be awarded a HSRLCE studentship in successive years. Awards will commence on the later of September 1, 2018 or the start date of the awardee’s entry into his or her MSc or PhD program (not later than January 1, 2019).

Location of Tenure:

Awardees must be enrolled in a full time MSc or PhD research-based program with the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto (Faculty of Medicine).


The annual stipend for studentship awards will be $15,000. Non-discretionary benefits are not included in the HSRLCE studentship and are the responsibility of the student’s supervisor.

Important Dates:

Applications are due on April 27, 2018 at 4:00 pm. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Funding begins — September 2018


Click here to download the HSRLCE Studentship 2018-2019-Applicant-Section form

Click here to download the HSRLCE Studentship 2018-2019-Referee-Section form

Application details:

A complete application will consist of:

A complete hard copy and electronic copy in PDF *format which includes:
1 – A completed HSRLCE studentship application form (References to be emailed separately in PDF format by referees)
2 – Official undergraduate transcripts (unofficial web transcripts are not acceptable) – have the transcripts sent to you so you can scan and include them in the electronic version of your application
3 – Official graduate transcripts if applicable (unofficial web transcripts are not acceptable) – have the transcripts sent to you so you can scan and include them in the electronic version of your application
4 – Evidence that you have applied for external awards (OGS and QEII-GSST)
5 – New Requirement: Biosketch of your supervisor – max 4 pages including personal statement, positions/honors, contributions to science, publications, and other funding. Please see sample biosketch here: 
6 – New Requirement: CV of the student (showing publications, awards, presentations, and education)

*  All the components of the application should be combined into one PDF file

General Instructions for submitting an application:

Confidential letters of recommendation (along with the completed referee forms) from two references should be forwarded by the referees directly to HSRLCE by email to

Font, spacing and margin restrictions:
All attached pages must conform to the following format restrictions:
– A one inch margin should surround the text on all attached pages.
– Text must be no smaller than twelve point, or ten characters per inch.
– No condensed formatting is allowed.

Application should be submitted to:

Liz Thuo
Business and Communications Manager
Heart & Stroke/Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence
University of Toronto, David Naylor Building
6 Queens Park Crescent West, Room 303
Toronto, ON  M5S 3H2
Phone: (416) 978-2351

Past HSRLCE Studentship Award Winners


Laura Aronoff, Supervisor: Slava Epelman
Andrew Rajkumar, Supervisor: Myron Cybulsky


Ramadan Azza, Supervisor: Subodh Verma
Henry Cheng, Supervisor: Jason Fish
Sarah Farr, Supervisor: Khosrow Adeli
Marsel Lino, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Eric Tawagi, Supervisor: Paul Santerre


Yuliya Lytvyn, Supervisor: David Cherney
Songyi Xu, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Jenna Usprech, Supervisor: Craig Simmons
Zhi Cui, Supervisor: Ren-Ke Li
Diana Buchsbaum, Supervisor: Anthony Gramolini


Mark Blaser, Supervisor: Craig Simmons
Jake Cosme, Supervisor: Anthony Gramolini
Idan Roifman, Supervisor: Jack Tu
Nimalan Thavandiran, Supervisor: Peter Zandstra
Yun Xiao, Supervisor: Milica Radisic
Xiaohong Xu, Supervisor: Heyu Ni


Michelle Bergevin, Supervisor: Craig Simmons
Anton Mihic, Supervisor: Ren-Ke Li
Alexandra Mighiu, Supervisor: Scott Heximer
Juarez Braga, Supervisor: Doug Lee
Winnie Fung, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Kathryn Lipsett, Supervisor: Anthony Gramolini


Safina Ali, Supervisor: Daniel Drucker
Petra Lucker, Supervisor: Peter Zandstra
Mark Roufaiel, Supervisor: Myron Cybulsky
Allan Siu, Supervisor: Myron Cybulsky
Bilge Yoruk, Supervisor: Ian Scott
Boyang Zhang, Supervisor: Milica Radisic


Sivani Paskaradevan, Supervisor: Ian Scott
Kaustabh Singh, Supervisor: Ren-Ke Li
Valentin Sotov, Supervisor: Michelle Letarte


Moniba Mirkhani, Supervisor: Peter Backx
Lewis Reis, Supervisor: Milica Radisic
Paul Turgeon, Supervisor: Phil Marsen
Songyi Xu, Supervisor: Avrum Gotlieb


Kaveesh Dissanayake, Supervisor: Scott Heximer
Melissa Noronha, Supervisor: Anthony Gramolini
Karanvir Wasal, Supervisor: Myron Cybulsky
Bilge Yoruk, Supervisor: Ian Scott
Forough Mohammad Zadeh, Supervisor: Tom Parker


Kiwon Ban, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain
Sonya Hui, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain
Sam Tirgari, Supervisor: Scott Heximer
Andrei Vagaon, Supervisor: Steffen-Sebastian Bolz


Joanne Arcand, Supervisor: Gary Newton
Shivalika Handa, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain
Han Kim, Supervisor: Peter Backx
Anton Mihic, Supervisor: Rob Tsushima
Kim Paulson
Timothy Ryan, Supervisor: Anthony Gramolini
Elissa Tepperman


Eser Adiguzel, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Nicole Anderson
Jo Anne Arcand, Supervisor: Gary Newton
Zobia Jawed
Han Kim, Supervisor: Peter Backx
Karolina Kolodziejska, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain
Rohit Sheshgiri
Cindy Yip


S Bunda, Supervisor: Aleksander Hinek
W. Chow, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Marc Chretien, Supervisor: Lowell Langille
C. Kim, Supervisor: Terrance Yau
A. Mori, Supervisor: Benoit Bruneau
Nazneen Tata, Supervisor: Michael Sole
S.-S. Zhang, Supervisor: Benoit Bruneau


Nazzareno D’Avanzo, Supervisor: Peter Backx
Shivalika Handa, Supervisor, Mansoor Husain
Jeff He, Supervisor: Michael Ward
Nazneen Tata, Supervisor: Michael Sole
Hiwot Woldu, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain


Mikin Patel, Supervisor: Peter Backx
Peter Sabatini, Supervisor: Lowell Langille
Renee Suen, supervisor: Duncan Stewart
Doyon Won, Supervisor: Myron Cybulsky


Eser Adiguzel, Supervisor: Michelle Bendeck
Golnaz Karoubi, Supervisor: David Courtman
Renee Suen, Supervisor: Duncan Stewart
Ge Yang, Supervisor: Mansoor Husain


Nesime Askin, Supervisor: Carin Wittnich
Shathiya Kulandavelu, Supervisor: Lee Adamson
Carol Kolb, Supervisor: Lee Adamson
Renee Suen, Supervisor: Duncan Stewart

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