Applied Health Research Centre (AHRC)


The Applied Health Research Centre (AHRC) is a leading not-for-profit academic research organization (ARO) fully integrated with the HUB Health Research Solutions of  St. Michael’s Hospital.  Established in 2009, the AHRC is the only University of Toronto (U of T) affiliated not-for-profit ARO in Toronto.

The AHRC is committed to partner and community success and opens doors to local, national, and international opportunities. As a neutral third party with trusted relationships across the community, the AHRC is able to bring clients together to advance local and international scientific and medical discovery.

The AHRC is a member of the Network for Innovation in Clinical Research (NICR), offering a comprehensive range of services – including coordination of clinical trials (Phase II-IV), observational research, epidemiological research, qualitative studies, patient registries, financial and contract management, biostatistical and methodological support, and industry-leading IT – ensure quality, efficiency, and excellence.

Please visit AHRC online to find out more.

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