DVP LECTURE: Dr. Allan Jaffe

Tuesday, May 9th at 12 pm

Allan Jaffe, MD
Professor of Cardiology and Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Chair, Clinical Core Laboratory Services, in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Mayo Clinic

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 9, 2017  from 12 to 1 pm

Talk Title: In Search of Specificity – A Biomarker Odyssey

Talk Description:
The use of biomarkers to facilitate the diagnosis of acute myocardial injury has been ongoing since the 1950s. During each decade, the critique has been related to the need for greater specificity. First with the initial markers, one wanted tissue specificity. Then that appeared to have been improved until more precise assays elucidated the problems with the tissue specificity of CKMB. Troponin appeared to solve that problem although recently, there have been reports of increases in cardiac troponin T due to skeletal muscle disease. However, even better tissue specificity has not diminished the problems which now have evolved to whether elevations of cardiac troponins are specific for acute myocardial ischemic injury and specifically acute myocardial infarction. It is clear that they are not and cannot provide alone high specificity for the diagnosis of ischemic myocardial injury. Has cardiac troponin assays have become more sensitive, these issues will increase as elevations of cardiac troponin which appear to be part of normal physiology are being unmasked. This too will diminish the specificity clinicians so clearly desire.

Learning objectives:

  1. Review the history of biomarkers or cardiac injury and there progression over the years
  2. Understand the issues of tissue specificity inherent in this field
  3. Appreciate the difficulty of provide a mechanistically specific biomarker for cardiac injury
  4. Begin to appreciate the difficulties when normal physiology begins to intersect with elevations of more sensitive cardiac troponin assays

Toronto General Hospital
200 Elizabeth Street
Ground Floor Eaton Conference Room – EN G-025/026

Liz ThuoDVP LECTURE: Dr. Allan Jaffe

Tuesday, May 9th at 12 pm